Adding and removing shifts from your calendar

We provide a number of shift types when you first install the app, which you can quickly add to your calendar.

If you need other shifts you can add your own too, or you can edit the times, colours or names of the ones we provide.

Add or Remove a shift from your calendar

In the Shifts tab you can see all the available shifts to choose from, a RESET button and a + button.

Shift picker with shift options

To add one of these shifts to your calendar, tap the shift to select it then tap on the day(s) you want to add the shift to.

To remove a shift, select the same type of shift you want to remove, then tap on the day to remove it. (Tap to add, tap a second time to remove).

This is a great way to quickly add your rota, shift swaps or other events.

Resetting or Clearing a day

You can reset a day which will remove all shifts from that day that you’ve added, icons and other details and revert it back to your pattern.

To reset a day, tap the RESET button in the Shifts tab of the picker, then tap on the day you want to clear.

NOTE: Resetting doesn’t necessarily make the day empty. It will remove any shifts you’ve added using the shift picker and reset it back to what your pattern says it should be. If you want to CLEAR a day (turn it into an off day), you need to use the CLEAR button instead.

Adding a New Shift Type

If you need a shift type that isn’t in the list, you can new ones by tapping the + button at the end of the list of shifts.

This will open the Add Shift Type screen to set up a new shift type. Once added it will automatically appear in the shifts picker to be used.

Removing, Editing or Cloning Shift Types

You can manage your list of shift types, but not from the shifts picker. To manage them:

  • tap the Done button at the top of the screen to hide the picker
  • tap the Cog (settings) button in the top-right
  • tap Setup Shifts

Adding Annual Leave, Sick, Other Leave or Off/Rest Days

We provide a set of special shifts for Annual Leave, Sickness, Off (Rest) and other useful non-working events. These are available in the Leave/Off tab of the shifts picker.

As with working shift types, you can use the + button in the list to add new special leave types if you need to.

Shifts picker with leave options