Using Icons in your Calendar

Icons are a great way to add extra details to the days in your calendar. These can be for any reason, such as your local sports team games, child care or other events you want to tag in your calendar.

We provide a gallery of icons you can add, which are available from the Icons Picker available from the + button in the top-right of the screen.

Icon picker

NOTE: We provide 7 icons for use in the free version of MyShiftPlanner. The Pro Pack has dozens more to choose from, but required an active Pro Pack trial or subscription. You can easily see which are premium icons (they show a small crown on them).

Premium icons only available in the Pro Pack

Add or Remove an Icon from your calendar

In the Icons tab you can see all the available shifts to choose from. Tap to select the one you want to use.

To add the icon to a day, tap the day.

To remove an icon, select the same type of icon you want to remove, then tap on the day to remove it. (Tap to add, tap a second time to remove).

This is a great way to quickly add icons quickly to your calendar.

Favourite Icons

Icons with a heart ❤️ next to them are “Favourites”.

You can add more icons to your Favourites. Just tap, hold,  and then release on the icon and it will automatically become an favourite icon.

Clearing all Icons from a day

To clear all icons from a day, tap the CLEAR ICONS button in the Icons picker, then tap on the day you want to remove all icons from.