My Shift Planner Development Roadmap

Updates in MyShiftPlanner

We get hundreds of requests for features a month, but what do we do with them all? Don’t worry, we don’t throw them away – we love hearing how MyShiftPlanner could help you even more than it already does.

We do leave our laptops occasionally, but the rest of the time our team are working hard to add all those new features, smaller refinements, bug fixes and make sure MyShiftPlanner remains as the best shift worker app on the stores.

Take a look previous updates to see more details on what we’ve released so far. Highlights are:

⭐️  Pay Calculations

⭐️  Multiple Patterns per calendar

⭐️  Even more build-in patterns

⭐️  Custom Annual Leave options

That’s great but what’s coming up? And when will the feature I asked for be included?

Version 5.9.1

Coming February 2022

⭐️  Set up custom Annual Leave templates with their own colours and hours – (requires Pro Pack)

⭐️  Improved Android 3 day widget – now supports up to 7 days and resizable

⭐️  Even more options to control how shifts sync with your device calendar

Version 5.9.2

Coming March 2022

⭐️  Easier ways to add Overtime

⭐️  Improved Android experience, especially for tablets

⭐️  The usual bundle of bug fixes and minor improvements

Version 6.0

Coming: September 2022 (Beta available July 2022)

The app is currently undergoing a huge overhaul, which will bring a lot of exciting new features once it’s ready.

As this is a huge change, we’ll be offering early access to the update as part of our select Beta Programme. Eligible users will be offered an invite to our Beta Programme once its open in July.

So what’s in this huge new update?

 ⭐️ Slick, Fast, Modern  – the app experience has been improved with faster loading times, easier ways to get to your shifts and events and a more modern look-and-feel without losing the MyShiftPlanner you know and love.

 ⭐️ Desktop Support  – we’ll be offering a version for your web browser first, followed by downloadable versions for Windows and MacOS later in the year.

 ⭐️ New iPad/Tablet Experience – we’re redesigned the app for tablets, which we hope you like.

 ⭐️ Improved Personal Calendars – pull all your Apple, Google and work calendars into the app to view alongside your MyShiftPlanner shift calendars.

 ⭐️ Even more built-in shift patterns – we just keep adding them!

 ⭐️ Live Sharing – a whole new sharing experience with new “sharing categories”  for family/friends/colleagues etc.

 ⭐️ *Secret new features* – we’d like to keep a few exciting new things we’re working on under wraps for now, but we’ll let you know soon!

If you have any questions about this update or need help, please get in touch with our dedicated support team –

Version 6.1+

Coming: Second half of 2022

We have lots of other great improvements on our list for after v6.0, such as:

 ⭐️ Team Features – we’ve been working on improved team features so you can work better with your colleagues.

 ⭐️ Manager Features – we’re working on a new Team product for managers which works alongside MyShiftPlanner. We’ll be announcing more soon!

 ⭐️ Advanced Pay Reporting – even more pay calculation options to cover fixed allowances, antisocial hour rates and more.

 ⭐️ Advanced Leave Reporting – improved tracking of annual leave, in-lieu, public holiday allowances and more.

We’ll announce more later this year, but we hope you’re as excited as we are for what we have in-store.

If you have any questions about this update or need help, please get in touch with our dedicated support team –