What’s so great about the Pro Pack?

⭐️ What you get by trying or buying the Pro Pack today… ⭐️

No Adverts!

Nobody likes adverts, but they help us keep the free version free. As a paying customer we don’t need to show you ads. Simple!

✅ Live Share Your Calendar with Others

Your calendar will appear in other people’s MyShiftPlanner app so they can see when you’re working.
Do you want to swap shifts, arrange family things, book holidays or just make sure your marriage doesn’t suffer because of Nights? This is the feature for you!

✅ Work Time Report

See how hard you’ve been working to make sure your boss pays you the correct amount. It also tell you about overtime and annual leave.

✅ Annual Leave Tracking

Don’t you hate having to pester your boss to find out how many hours/days leave you have left to take? You can now keep track of it yourself and save all those emails.

✅ Pay Day Schedules

MyShiftPlanner will automatically work out when you’re going to be paid every month and mark your calendar for you.

✅ Shift Reminders

Missing shifts is bad for your bank account. Shift Reminder are here to help!

✅ Multiple Shifts

The free version lets you add only one shift per day. Do you work more than one shift per day? You need Pro Pack.

✅ Icons

Customise your calendar like a Pro with icons for any reason you like. We provide a wide range of them to pick from.

If that’s not enough, here’s what’s coming soon – exclusive for Pro Pack customers

? Need more convincing? Here’s what’s coming up in future versions of the app – exclusive to Pro Pack customers.

Small print and disclaimer… we’re working as hard as we can to get these features into the app and in your hands as quickly as possible. We can’t guarantee when these will available to you, but please trust we’re doing our best to get them in as quickly as our poor developers hands can work. If you buy the Pro Pack now, you will get all these automatically as part of your purchase.

⭕️ Pay Reporting

Keep track of how much you’ve earned from normal shifts and overtime.

⭕️ Custom Special Purpose Shifts

Create your own overtime and leave types, with their own pay rates and reports.

⭕️ More Advanced Leave, In-Lieu and Overtime Tracking

Track lots of different types of leave or owed time (including in-lieu, worked public holidays and more), choose when to take or bank the leave and check it any time through the reports.

⭕️ Web and Desktop Versions

See your shift rota in more locations, such as your PC, Mac or anything with a web browser.

⭕️ Rota Printing

Lots of new ways to print your rota should you need to.

⭕️ Multiple Rotas / Patterns

Is your rota changing? Maybe just for one season or maybe it’s for the foreseeable? We’re making it really easy to set up new rotas without changing the old ones.

⭕️ Lots More…

Our team are working really hard to make MyShiftPlanner the best shift app on the market, and have lots of great features coming. If you have suggestions for features you’d like to see, please send us your suggestion through the Help option in the app menu.