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We provide a range of support options for MyShiftPlanner users. 

We have a list of comprehensive FAQs, A YouTube Channel of Support Videos, “How-To” Blogs and a dedicated Support Team to work with you directly.

If you need any help setting up MyShiftPlanner for your Shift Rota, or using any of the features in the app, try these out …


If you’re having problems with setting up the app, or finding the features you want, try our FAQs page. We’ve put together an exhaustive list of set up guides and help, including videos to assist you in setting up your shift pattern and using the advanced features in the app.

You can lock and unlock your My Shift Planner calendar to stop accident changes to your shift pattern.

-Tap on the calendar icon in the top right of the screen

-Tap on Calendar Settings

-Lock and your unlock your calendar to keep it from unwanted changes.

Alternatively, swipe up on the main calendar screen to bring up the Calendar Options menu. The Lock/Unlock feature is in the top left.


The My Shift Planner app requires a certain amount of storage capacity in your phone to work properly. If you get below 100MB of storage space on your phone, the app won’t be able to save shift changes and will trigger a pop up message to warn you.

For the app to work properly, you’ll need to clear some space for it. Such as deleting old photographs, messages or unused apps.

This link HERE has some great tips for finding that extra space on an iPhone.

Annual leave tracking (and setting your allowance) are part of the Hard Workers Pack so you need to make sure you’ve purchased this first.

After this, go into the menu by tapping on the button in the top-left of the main screen.
Now tap “Settings and Shifts” at the top of this menu
Finally tap on the “Holiday Entitlements” option.
In here you can set the number of days you receive at the start of the year and when your holiday year begins from.
In here you can also see how many days you’ve taken in the year, how many you have remaining and a list of all the days you’ve taken in the current holiday year

More FAQs

YouTube Support Videos

Our YouTube channel has some handy videos that walk you through the app set up.

Go to YouTube

Our blogs page is regularly updated with tips and features for setting up and using the My Shift Planner app. More detailed than our FAQs, the blogs include picture examples and more detailed walk-throughs to help shift workers make the best use of the app.

Read More Blogs

Request Support

If you can’t find an answer to your issue in the FAQs, Blogs or Videos, you can send us a support request from within the My Shift Planner App.

Tap on the Menu Icon

Tap “Help/Feedback”

Fill in the form and tick the option to “Send Data Files” (this allows us to find out what’s happening in the app)


This will open the email app in your device. Make sure you send the email from your device email app!

The Support Team will be in touch to help you out

Or, Fill in the Form to Request Support

A member of our team will get back to you within the next 4 working hours.

For info, our working hours as based on UK time, Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm excluding public holidays and Christmas Day, so if your email is sent over a weekend then we may not respond until the next working day.

We will ALWAYS respond to your emails, so if you haven’t received a reply, please check your Junk Mail folder as they sometimes fall into there.

Note: Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are particularly bad for junk mailing emails, so if you have an or account, please keep a close eye on the junk mail!

While you wait, why not check out our FAQs – it might answer your question straight away.

See the FAQs