What is Beta Testing?

Whenever we release a new update to myshiftplanner, we run it through testing. First we run Alpha Testing – the first phase of testing done by our team. But, we can’t always catch every bug or issue. So we run a Beta Test –  a second phase of testing done by a group of existing users.

Why Become a Beta Tester?

Our Beta Testers are great! They’re shift workers who use the app every day to organise their lives.

Commitment to Help

Beta Testers make a commitment to help us develop the app. In exchange for early access to new features, they agree to test the app thoroughly and provide feedback for what they find. They let us know how well new features work, what needs changing, and if anything is broken.

It’s a Risky Business!

Beta Testing isn’t just about getting new features early. Beta versions can be buggy and sometimes break completely. That’s why all Beta Testers must be have a myshiftplanner account before they start testing. So that they can recover their data should thy need to.

How to become a Beta Tester

We have Beta Testers using both iOS and Android, on phones and tablets. All that we require is your Apple ID email or Google Play Store email. Sign up and we’ll then email you back and let you know how to download the Beta version of the myshiftplanner app.

iPhones and iPads

iOS users will receive an email notification from Apple telling you to download the TestFlight App. This is the way Apple provides you with a Test Version of the app to trial.

Once an update is available to download,  TestFlight will give you a notification. But if you don’t see this, just open the TestFlight app and tap the Update button against the MyShiftPlanner entry to update your app.

Android Phones and Tablets

Android users get an email from Google. Test Versions of the app appear directly on the Google Play Store. The app will automatically update through the Play Store app but if not, you can check or manually update the app. Open the Play Store app and search for MyShiftPlanner. It should give you the update to install.

If you have any problems downloading the app or with the instructions, please email us for assistance at: support@myshiftplanner.com

Join Beta

What to test?

Here’s what to look for in the latest beta update …

New Events List View

v6.0 has an all new “Events List”. This shows all the shifts, notes, and any personal events you’ve imported as a list below the calendar.

You can turn on the Events List in Settings

  • Tap on the Settings (cog) icon
  • Tap Settings
  • Turn on the option to show the Events List

You can also turn this on in the Calendar Menu.

Tap and hold on the line below the calendar to change how much of the Event’s List.

Week/Month View


This update has changed the old month/year picker. Now, just tap on the date at the top of the calendar to choose week, month or  year view.

Updated UI and New Day Properties

Tap and hold on a day, or event in the Events List to see this updated view of the shift properties.

Tap on any of the properties on the screen, such as Reminders, to go directly to that setting.

Or tap EDIT at the bottom to edit the full day properties.