4-2 Early/Late Shift Pattern


Setting up in MyShiftPlanner

Use the 4-2 Early Late pattern for combinations of 4On/2Off with two shift types.

This pattern is based on working two shift type, eg. Days/Nights, AM/PM, Early/Late etc. Edit the number of shifts you work and the number of days off  to create your shift rota.

  • 2Early /2Late /2Off
  • 4Days/3 Nights/4Off
  • 7Days/7Nights/7Off
  • etc.

Editing Options:-

  • Shift Types
  • #On shifts
  • #Off shifts
  • Weekend Working
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Setting up in MyShiftPlanner

                        1. Tap on the COG icon in the top right
                        2. Tap on Patterns
                        3. Tap on the box marked “Pick a Pattern”
                        4. Select the option “4-2 Early Late”
                        5. Select the number of Early Shifts
                        6. Select the number of Late Shifts
                        7. Select the number of OFF Days