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Working shifts can be difficult, so we created MyShiftPlanner especially to make your life easier. With built-in rotas for most common shift patterns, and a comprehensive custom setup, you can create almost any shift schedule and see when you’re working at a glance.

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The Best App for Shift Workers

Manage your work rota and take back control of shift work, with the most comprehensive shift calendar app available on the stores.

Never Miss a Shift

MyShiftPlanner provides you with a colour-coded work calendar. See all your shifts at a glance, add annual leave, training days or sick days. With MyShiftPlanner you will always know when you’re on shift and when you’ve got time off.

Built-in Shift Rotas

MyShiftPlanner comes with many common shift patterns built-in. Including 4On/4Off, 2-2-2, Du-Pont and many more. You can edit these to suit your shift schedule. Or make use of the powerful custom set up option. Allowing you to create almost any type of shift roster.

Sync to Your Device Calendar

Export your shift pattern to your device calendar. Works with any calendar connected to your device, including Apple Calendar, Yahoo, Outlook and Google Calendar. AND import events from your personal calendar into MyShiftPlanner too.

Multiple Options to Suit You

MyShiftPlanner is the most powerful, customizable shift work app anywhere on the stores. Choose from multiple view options. Customize shift types, colours, etc. Overlay 2 calendars and share calendars with your partner to see when you’re both working.

New for Shift Managers …

Now connects directly to MyShiftManager

The New Shift Scheduling Solution

Newly launched in 2024, MyShiftPlanner now connects with the ultimate scheduling app for shift managers. View your rota, see when your colleagues are working, and stay aware of shift changes with updates sent straight to your phone from your supervisor

Your Shifts at Your Fingertips

With MyShiftPlanner you always have your rota to hand

Lend a hand to other Shift Workers

We want to change the face of shift working. With your help more and more shift workers can claim back control over their shift working lives.

Smooth no fuss and easy as pie to use. Some truly excellent functionality. Clear and easy to visualise with one month per page. Working a few different jobs including casual work, this app his has changed the way I manage my scheduled shifts for the better, it’s truly a superb user experience.

JimmieTheGreat, Changed my Life *****

Another #win from MyShiftPlanner…. had a problem and within less than 6 hours I’ve had a response, result and resolution and can still use the app whilst they are trying to fix the issue! Omg they are amazing! Thank you!!! I honestly don’t know what I would do without my app! 

Sarah, Amazing Support *****

Excellent product and very simple to use. Would recommend to those especially who work shift pattern

TexanJon, Shift Rota *****
In the oil field we work 14/7. This app makes it so easy to look forward and tell when we are off etc. Or to look back to see when we worked in case there’s a question on our time sheets. Thank you and God Bless!!
American Bridge, Ideal for me *****

Great App. So useful to see when my husband is working and not working so I can plan things when he is off and to see when to book holidays.

Readerglutton, Brilliant App *****

MyShiftPlanner was my fifth attempt at downloading a calendar app that would allow me to personalize and color code a calendar for my rotating shift for future planning. It is awesome! I only had it for a few days when I decided to go premium because it checked off all the boxes on my checklist for a usable calendar app. (WELL WORTH THE PRICE) Working rotating shift is difficult enough on one’s family life, knowing one’s schedule in advance helps very much. Thanks again!

woodwayne, Awesome App *****

Very easy to change the patterns which adjust to my crazy schedule and adding colors definitely help me more to stay track of my work, appointments, and any other activity going on..love it !!

isela1rosa, Easy to Use *****

Just a quick look and I know where am at! I love it

LarLarx, My Shift Planner *****

Perfect for shift workers. No better alternative.

No Fables, Perfect App *****

My shift planner is so easy to use. It’s brilliant to see all my shifts for the month and I can plan my social life easily with this information to hand. I’m not good using or downloading apps but a colleague showed me and even I can manage it without any help. I would highly recommend it and have done so to colleagues. And it’s free!!

Gill Hall, Useful Free App *****

The app is so easy to use, and due to the nature of my rota I can see what I’m doing for the next 5 years! My wife has also downloaded the app with my rota making it so easy to book different things knowing I am going to be off.

Doughball66, Great App *****

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