2022 is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back at everything that’s happened this year.

It’s been another busy year for us here at MyBuzz Technologies. We’ve been working hard, as always, to keep our users updated and to maintain myshiftplanner as the most powerful, feature-rich shift work calendar app on the stores.

Thanks to our Amazing Users!

We want to first say thanks to all our users for their support this year. We’ve had so many great reviews and lots of good feedback. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to keep the app going.

And, this year, we’ve had lots to do! We’ve introduced new features to myshiftplanner and updated many areas of the app. We’ve added new members to the team, and started to build a brand-new shift scheduling product for shift managers.

It’s been pretty full-on, and we’re really looking forward to the Christmas break. But we are also excited about our plans for 2023. We can’t wait to tell you all about them!

myshiftplanner – #1 Shift Work App

myshiftplanner is now in its amazing 8th year. It’s more popular and powerful than ever. In 2022 the app has been downloaded by just over 360,000 shift workers, ranging across 250 countries.

We’ve updated the app 9 times this year on both iOS and Android. Our 10th update v6.0 is currently in beta testing right now.

Back in January we added Pay Calculations – a long-asked-for feature. Pro-userds can now add hourly rates to their shifts (and annual leave). Allowing them to predict gross revenue for any period.

Of course, there’s so different ways that shift workers are paid throughout the world, we were immediately asked for dozens more options for pay. We’ve taken our time to collate those requests and we will be adding more pay options in an update in 2023.

This year we also spent a large amount of work updating much of the app’s internal framework. This means we can offer a better experience for our users. These major internal changes have paved the way for v6.0 of myshifplanner, which is currently being tested by our beta group.

Version 6.0

Version 6.0 boasts a new updated feel. With new view options for an events list, below the calendar, and week and month view updates.

Our beta testers have been testing hard, finding bugs and helping us refine the update. We hope to have it ready for release to all our users early in 2023.

More to come …

But we’re not stopping there. Version 6.0 is paving the way for our complete app rebuild. The technology (code base) that sits behind myshiftplanner is 8 years old. Modernising the app in the way we want, requires a complete re-write in a technology that will allow us to offer our users so much more.

Google’s modern coding language, Flutter, will allow us do so much more with the app. Including translations, web/desktop versions, better UI and a faster more modern app.

2023 is the year when we plan to finish our rebuild in flutter. With more than a million lines of code to re-write, it’s no small task … but we can’t wait to show you the results!


3 years ago, we started to build a shift scheduling system to work alongside myshiftplanner. We were very excited about doing this, as we regularly get shift managers asking for a way to connect to their team through myshiftplanner.

Covid scuppered our plans …

But this year, we revisited the project and started again in earnest.

A Simple Scheduling Tool

myshiftplanner>manager is a simple shift scheduling solution. Designed for busy shift managers and supervisors who want to manage small teams of shift workers, and don’t want to use the over-bloated expensive systems out there already.

Many of the shift workers and managers who have approached us asking for a manager version of the app, are using Excel spreadsheets, or even paper systems, and are in need of something simple and quick, to help them manage their shift teams.

We’ve specifically designed Manager to be simple to use, and intuitive to pick up. Making sure it continues our ethos of making shift working lives better.

Trial and Early Adopters

Myshiftplanner>manager is in the final stages of our initial trial build. We’ve lined up some friendly shift work teams to trial it for us, and help us iron out the initial bugs.

But we’re happy to offer our users the opportunity of joining our Early-Adopter programme. This discount offer gives our users the first chance of using the scheduler and helping us shape and develop the product. So that it becomes the best Shift Manager solution available. To match the best shift work app.

If you are interested in joining our Early Adopter programme, click HERE Fill in your details, and we will keep you up to date with all our news.

New Team Members

To help us build our new manager product, and rebuild myshiftplanner, we’ve started to expand the team again. In October, Joennie Sindo joined us as lead Flutter and front-end developer.

Joe is a hugely experienced developer, who specialises in Flutter for web and mobile apps.

He’s been spearheading our build of Manager and will be working with Chris and the team to rebuild myshiftplanner next year.

As well as being an expert developer, Joe is also an artist, with a variety of online art in his portfolio.

He and Chris also enjoy comparing their lego sets!

It’s been great to have Joe onboard, and we look forward to his input in 2023.

Joining us soon …

In January, we will also be joined by Elisha Sagcal. Eli is a back-end specialist who will be helping us to develop, update and modernise our database and back-end services. This will help all our users manage their data more effectively. And increase our capabilities in our new products.

Eli is a great character, with lots of experience with apps and mobile technologies. He loves Pad Thai, Basketball, and his French bulldog!

Here’s to 2023

We’re excited about 2023 and beyond. But all of our work couldn’t be done without all you, our amazing users.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. For every one who’s retweeted, liked, shared or recommended us to colleagues friends and family. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do any of the updates we have, or add any of the new features to the app we want.

There’s so much we have planned that will help shift workers all over the world. With your help, we know we can do it.

Merry Christmas and a very happy 2023 to you all.

From The MyShiftPlanner Team