MyShiftPlanner is more than just another calendar app! It’s a vital tool that allows you to organise your life around your work schedule, so it’s common for MyShiftPlanner to contain lots of personal data.

But what really happens to all that data and just how confident can you be?

There’s a lot of worry right now that the big tech companies are able to monitor information you put on your phone, including your calendars. With all the high-profile news and legal cases against tech giants misusing your data, it’s right for you to be cautious about who you trust.

At MyShiftPlanner, our founding principle is that your data is exactly that. It’s yours, not ours. We provide great tools to help you live a better, healthier life, and do so in an ethically and morally sound way. That’s the principle on which MyShiftPlanner is built.

What does that mean?

  1. We never have and never will sell your data to anyone.
  2. We never share your personal data with third parties.
  3. We only access your account information with your permission to help if you have a problem.
  4. We use industry-standard security, so your data is encrypted end-to-end for safety.

It’s as simple as that!

Check out our privacy policy within the app for full details.

But, How Do We Do This Exactly?


We continuously monitor our servers for suspicious activity. We always make sure that we’re up to date on keeping our processes safe. 

Maintaining Security

We’ve worked hard since we first introduced MyShiftPlanner 7 years ago to ensure that our users have all the speed and convenience they need from a shift work calendar app along with the security and privacy you expect from the best software systems.

We are committed to maintaining these highest levels of security and privacy, without compromising on our features and the easiness of use. 

We continually review and update our privacy and security to maintain the latest up-to-date technology and to mitigate the most currant threats. 

In accordance with GDPR, if you want to delete your account at any time, you can do that from within the app!

With MyShiftPlanner you can manage your shift rota and plan your shift-work-life in a convenient, secure way.