Christmas is upon us! Have you got all your gifts yet? Here’s a few Christmas present ideas, perfect for the shift worker in your life.

Do Not Disturb!

One thing you can guarantee is that shift workers will be busy over Christmas. If you’re a nurse working Christmas Eve, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting a quiet night! Which makes getting a “Good Day’s Sleep” without endless disturbances, all the more important.

These fun “Do Not Disturb” signs remind other members of the household to steer well clear of the bedroom during a shift workers sleeping time.

Especially effective in reminding the kids on Christmas holidays that shift workers needs their sleep … and woe betide anyone who ignores this! Check them out on

Sunrise Alarm Clocks

A Sunrise Alarm Clock is the perfect way to help you get up. Especially for those early-start shifts in winter! There’s nothing worse than being shaken from a dead sleep by a piercing alarm. And it feels all the worse when it’s still dark outside. Almost like you’re getting up in the middle of the night. Which, in fairness, many shift workers do!

Sunrise Alarm Clocks work by filling your bedroom with natural light, to help you wake up gradually. According to the sales pitch, you will also wake up with “abundant energy!” We are yet to be entirely convinced on that one. But, natural light has been proved to be far more effective at waking us up. And doesn’t mess with our circadian rhythms quite so much.

Sunrise Alarm Clocks are everywhere, but we found this well-priced one on Amazon.

White Noise Machine

If you want more help getting to sleep, rather than waking up, you might want to try a White Noise Device. There are numerous different types of these devices, using different methods and noise types. But they are all used for sound masking to help aid peaceful sleeping.

Some types even produce other soothing sounds, such as music, rain, wind, traffic and ocean waves mixed with—or modulated by—white noise. 

We found a good review site which lists various options for White Noise Machine HERE.

Noise cancelling headphones

Forget traditional ear plugs. These days, it’s all about “Active Noise Cancelling Technology!”

Noice cancelling headphones are more than simple earphones. They’re designed to use a microphone to sample the sound outside and around you, and then a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels out the original noises.

Traditional ear plugs only cancel out high frequencies. Which means they aren’t very good at cancelling low frequencies noises, such as traffic, aeroplanes, or those annoying, noisy thuds from next door that come through the walls when you’re trying to sleep during the daytime.

The new technologies used in noice cancelling headphones, overcome these lower frequency noises. Offering the best sound reductions to help you sleep.

They even claim to be able to block out the sound of your partner’s snoring!

These ear buds from QuietOn come with preloaded, soothing sounds. The only downside we saw was the price. Headphones such as these aren’t the cheapest way to get to sleep, even if they are effective.

Giant Chocolate Bar

Mmmm … chocolate … the nightshift worker’s friend!

We don’t need to say anything else about these enormous 850g bars. Shift workers need this! (Other brands are also available!)

Shift Worker T-Shirts

We rather enjoyed these funky shift worker t-shirts. There’s a range available and we enjoyed the humour. A nice fun gift, even if it isn’t particularly useful.


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As we head into the busiest period for shift workers, why not help out the shift worker in your life with a perfect gift this Christmas.

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