MyShiftPlanner Beta Change Log

Beta Testing – Updates and improvements to myshiftplanner-beta

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Version 6.3 Beta

Released: March 2024

Build 6324 gas veeb deployed for testing. This includes the following changes:
  • Rewritten Android widget to improve refresh
  • Updated sync mechanism
  • Pay Rates in Shift Type editors now has a Reset button
  • Day Properties now has options to reset pay rates for shift, overtime and leave (in the menu in the top-right corner of the screen)
  • Work Time Report now shows in-lieu hours in the Overtime tab (per entry) and exported XLS
  • New 4-3-3-4 pattern added
  • More stability fixes throughout.

Version 6.2 Beta – Build 6200

Released: Upcoming

Build 6200 is being deployed for testing. This includes the following changes:
  • New pattern setup experience which can create a repeating pattern from the shifts already added to your calendar
  • New “repeat” button in the shift picker for easier access to create manual patterns
  • New “+” experience and menu for easier adding of shifts, patterns, icons and leave to your calendar
  • Improved part-day leave support (Pro Pack Users)
  • Support for Annual Leave Requests for MyShiftManager team users
  • Updates to improve support for the latest devices
  • Fixes for Austrialian users with device calendar sync

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6026

Released: Feb 2023

Build 6026 contains the following bug fixes:
  • Am I on button now works again
  • Safe zone at the bottom of iPhone X models now matches the colour of the footer area above it for better UI

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6025

Released: Feb 2023

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6022

Released: Jan 2023

Build 6022 is available for testing on iOS and Android. This fixes things found today:
  • Various iPad styling fixes for light theme
  • Am I On removed from the toolbar on iPad as it’s in the menu now anyway
  • Various light theme colour fixes
  • Changing the calendar you’re editing from the picker when the shift picker is open with overlaid calendars active, no longer changes the calendar selection next time you open the app
  • Week view shows the correct week if Sunday is the FDOW
  • The events list is now hidden when the shift picker is opened (in month view only)
  • Adding a new shift type from the picker panel now adds to the selected calendar rather than always adding to the main calendar

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6011

Released: January 2023

This first beta version is available now on Test Flight and Google Play for Android Users.

Build 6011 contains a number of fixes for various bugs found in the app.
Changes include:-
  • Fix for bank holidays not deleting correctly
  • Fix for new custom leave types not always appearing on the Holiday report
  • Event details panel now shows breaks (if defined) and shows the End date if spanning multiple days
  • Poland public holidays now available
  • Payday options no longer show for the wrong calendar when switching calendars
  • Today and Edit button no longer switch places on the toolbar
  • “Show as” field in the Day Properties screen widened to better fit wider codes
  • Fix for some shifts not appearing in the events list
  • Events pop-up panel in dark mode now has a background
  • New option on a shift type – “Confirm times when added”. This shows a pop-up when adding a shift to the calendar so the times can be edited as they’re added. Useful for shifts that may have irregular times.

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6010

Released: December 2022

Build 6010 is available. It contains:
  • Events list can now be shown for a day by long-tapping a date. If the list is already under the calendar it won’t show again
  • Events list has a + button to show the shift picker if there aren’t any shifts on that date
  • Fixes for timezone issues when pulling device events from the device calendar
  • Events list now shows on HTC
  • Events list options now hidden or shown consistently throughout the whole UI
  • Bio auth blanker now shows from the opening of the app to give a more “secure” experience (also avoids the calendar briefly appearing between the calendar loader and auth blank pop-ups)
  • Android stability fixes
Merry Christmas!

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6008

Released: December 2022

Build 6008 will soon be available. This has some useful changes in from beta feedback:
  • Today button back on the top bar, but as an icon so it takes up less space
  • The Month View option split into “Month View + Events List” and “Month View Only” options
  • Shifts list (in Setup Shifts) now always adds new shift types to the bottom of the list
  • “Ghost” events no longer appear in the events list on a day before or after they should be (for device calendars)
  • Biometric (fingerprint/face) security works on Android again
  • MySP events synched to the device calendar no longer show in the events list below the calendar
  • The “…” icon now shows on days which only have an all day event in the device calendar (if turned on)
  • Editing a shift details now updates the shift details panel when the editor screen is closed
  • Minor UI refinements
  • Upgrading from v5.9 no longer sometimes shows shifts from a previously deleted calendar
  • Public holidays setting screen tidied to fix overlapping test issues

Version 6.0 Beta – Build 6005

Released: November 2022

This first beta version is available now on Test Flight and Google Play for Android Users.

This includes:

  • New Events List for day events
  • Improved views for imported personal events
  • New view options for month/week/year
  • Re-sizable calendar in Events List view
  • Improved UI and modernisation
  • Simplified menus
  • New Day Properties view for shifts
  • Bug fixes throughout

Leaving Beta

You can leave the beta group and stop testing at any time. This will move you back to the public group so that you will only get new updates when we release them to everyone.
Please inform us of your wish to leave beta. We can then remove you from the beta group.

Apple Users

  • Go to the App Store
  • Search for myshiftplanner
  • Download the “public” version of the app – this will load over the top of the test version
  • You will now only receive updates from the App Store.
  • If you stay in the beta group, you can switch between test and public versions at any time.

Android Users

  • Contact us via
  • We will remove you from the group and email you let you know you have been removed.
  • The next time the app updates on the Play Store, you will get the public version rather than the test versions.
  • If you want to return to the beta group, you will need to sign up again through the website.