If you have an Android phone, MyShiftPlanner asks for a number of permissions to access information. Here’s what the are, and why the app needs that information to run.

1. Android Permissions Calendar
  • Read calendar events plus confidential information
  • Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge
Required to allow MyShiftPlanner to sync shifts to your device calendar for the Device Calendar Sync Pro Pack feature.
2. Storage and Photos / Media / Files
  • Read the contents of your USB storage
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Required by the internal database so shift data can be stored on your device.
3. Phone and Device ID & call information
  • Read phone status and identity
Required to provide necessary information about the device for support.
4. Wi-Fi connection and Network information
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • View network connections
  • Full network access
Required by data sync services inside the app, used to power auto sync and MyShiftPlanner cloud services.