We provide lots of  different shift types which cover the most common ones, but they’re fully customisable so can easily be changed.

1. Tapon the cog icon in the top-right corner of the screen
2. Tap  Setup Shifts
3. You’ll be taken to a list of all shift types in the app. To change one, tap on it.
4. For all shift types, you can change the shift name and “show as” (how it appears in the calendar), the colour, the default start/finish times for that shift and whether you can to use it at all or not
5. Tap on the Back button (at the top-left of the screen) when you’re done and it’ll instantly change

You can also add your own custom shifts using the + button within the same menu.

Can I add more shifts than those listed?
Yes! Just use the + button in the Setup Shifts screen.

Can I remove any extra ones I don’t use? It clutters up the Shift Picker!
Absolutely! To hide a shift type, go to the Setup Shifts screen. Tap EDIT and then remove the shift.

My shift normally starts at the same time, but as a one-off it’ll start earlier. How do I put that into MyShiftPlanner?

This is really easy to do. First, customise your shifts as described above and set the normal start/finish times against each shift type (e.g. 09:00 – 17:00 for the day shift).

BUT, this time, tick the option to “Confirm Times When Added”

Now, when you add a shift, the app will automatically ask you for the times of that shift.

To change shift times in your rota, tap on the day that starts differently to select it. Tap on the pencil icon to see the Day Properties screen.

In here you’ll see the start and finish times for your shift which you can change. Any changes to the times only affect this particular day.