We treat data security very seriously, and handle your data with the same care and consideration you’d want us to.
We hate being spammed by unwanted emails so have no intention of doing the same to you.

All data is kept in our secure database and never shared with third parties. Full details of what we collect, how and what for are covered in our Privacy Policy.

What DO we collect and why?

We only ask for the minimum information we consider necessary to provide the best experience. Most of this is optional (such as your profession) so it’s completely up to you whether you want to tell us or not.

To use our cloud and sharing features (such as the highly recommended on-line backup for your shifts and settings), you will need to provide your email address which is used as a unique username for your account. This is paired with a password that you choose to make sure your account and data stay secure. Never tell anyone your password!

When signing up, you are asked if you wish to receive our newsletter and other important information from us by email. You have the option to opt-out at any time from within the app too so really easy to control this.

If you choose to use our backup facility, your backups are stored in our secure cloud system against your account so can’t be accessed by anyone but you (using your registered email and password). We monitor all activity too, so if we spot anything suspicious we can deal with it quickly.

If you have any questions about data security please email our support team who’ll be happy to answer them for you: support@myshiftplanner.com