My Shift Planner can support almost any type of shift pattern.  We have lots of different tools and tricks for getting the most complex of patterns set up easily in the app.

To get specific help for setting up your pattern, we recommend contacting our expert support team who’ll be able to give you instructions for your pattern.

If you fancy doing this yourself first, there are a number of ways to do it. The easiest way is in to tap on the COG icon in the top right. Tap “Patterns” to go to the Pattern Setup Page. In the box at the top marked Pick a Pattern, select the option “Other/Custom Pattern”

Add a START DATE for the first day of your rotation. And a REPEATS ON for the date your rotation starts again. Then add your shifts to the calendar grid. You can change the times of your shifts here, as well as creating new shifts and editing the available shifts.

Hit Preview to see how your pattern will copy through the calendar. Then tap on the < arrow and read the pop up before saving your pattern to your calendar.

If you need any help, ask our support team for assistance.