Some apps claim to be free before, but are only time limited trials…

MyShiftPlanner basic app is completely free to download and use without any time limits.

Unless it explicitly says otherwise, all features are free to use without time limits.

So, how do we make any money to continue developing it? That’s why we show ads at the bottom of the app. These generate some of the income we need, though if you prefer, you can pay a small fee to remove the ad banner.

We also offer premium features, such as pay calculation, calendar sync, calendar sharing, work-time reports, holiday tracking etc. which you can purchase in the Pro-Pack within MyShiftPlanner.

Features that are currently free to use will always continue to be free. And we will also continue to add other free features in future updates.

Premium features in the Pro-Pack are totally optional, so you only need to subscribe to them if you feel they are valuable enough to you.