There are a few reasons this might be happening, but most common is that you’ve disabled Notifications for MyShiftPlanner in your phone settings.

The Reminders feature requires you to allow Notifications to be used. To turn them on for iPhone or iPad, here’s how

– Find and tap on the Settings app
– Scroll all the way down to near the bottom (it could be a long list) and find “MyShiftPlanner”. Tap on it
– Tap on “Notifications” below the “Allow MyShiftPlanner to Access” heading
– You need to turn ON the following:
* Allow Notifications
* Show in Notification Centre
* Sounds (if you want to hear the reminder sound – it might not wake you if not)
* Show on Lock Screen
– In the Alert Style section at the bottom we recommend Banner or Alerts is tapped depending on how you wish to see your reminders
– Tap back to go back to your home screen

Once you’ve check the above, if your reminders still aren’t showing, we suggest containing our support team so they can work with you to fix this.