If MyShiftPlanner encounters problems it may cause the app to crash or terminate. If this occurs, you may encounter any of the following:-

  • App terminates to your device home screen
  • Pop up message telling you an error has occurred
  • Blank/Black screen requiring manual app shut down

In the first instance, try these following remedies:

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete the app unless you are sure you have a recent backup of your data. Deleting the app removes all local shift data and may result in loss of your app data unless you have a backup in your MyShiftPlanner account. If you aren’t sure, contact our support team.

The following will correct the problem in most cases:

  • Update the app to the latest version in either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Don’t assume your phone automatically updates your apps as they often don’t.
  • App Reboot – close down the app completely, and reboot it from cold.
  • Device Reboot – switch off your device. Leave for a number of seconds and reboot.

If the crash persists, contact our support team immediately, and as mentioned above, do not delete the app from your phone in an attempt to fix this unless you are sure you have a backup or are happy to lose your shift data.