If you’re trying to synchronise MyShiftPlanner with a Google Calendar but aren’t seeing your shifts update correctly in your Google Calendar app, please read this article for advice on what to do. Note that the advice below only relates to known issues with the Google Calendar mobile app.

Usually, MyShiftPlanner will have updated your shifts in your Google Calendar correctly, but the Google Calendar app can take between 10 minutes and 2 hours to pull down these changes so they appear in their Calendar app.

If you’re using a different calendar app, maybe a Samsung or Huawei calendar app which was pre-installed on the phone, or a third party app you downloaded from the Play Store, you shouldn’t have these problems.

Note: We’ve had reports that recent updates to Google Calendar app for Android (since Nov 2020) are even worse and don’t seem to download changes for up to 24 hours(!). We hope they fix this issue soon but please try the suggestions below if you’re having problems, or use a different calendar app for now.

To check if MyShiftPlanner has pushed your shifts to your Google Calendar:

  1. Open https://calendar.google.com in your browser (on the phone is fine).
  2. Log into your Google account if needed.
  3. Does it show the correct shifts? If not, wait for up to 5 minutes and refresh the web page and it should show your updates.

Once the correct shifts are showing in the web version of Google Calendar, you know that MyShiftPlanner has worked and you just need to wait for the Google Calendar app to refresh.

You can force the Calendar app to refresh in a few ways:

  • inside the Google Calendar app on your phone, tap the vertical … button in the top-right of the screen and then “Refresh”.
  • if this doesn’t work:
    • open the Settings app on your phone.
    • go to the “Apps” section to see a list of all your apps. If it isn’t showing them all, look for “see all apps” or “show more” to list them all.
    • find the “Calendar” app (from Google) and tap on it.
    • tap the “Storage and Cache” option
    • tap the “Clear Storage” option
    • open the Google Calendar app and it’ll take you through the information screens but then show you the most recent shifts and events
  • Use or download a different calendar app from the Play Store.

If you’re still having problems synchronising your shifts to your phone calendar, contact us through the “Help/Support” option in the MyShiftPlanner menu in the app and we’ll be happy to help.