To keep our systems and your data secure, we require that all passwords follow secure password rules. These are common in most on-line systems and avoid people accidentally using easy-to-hack passwords for their data.

Password in MyShiftPlanner must follow these rules:

  • At least 6 characters in length
  • Must contain a capital letter
  • Must contain either a space, a number or exclamation mark (!) or question mark (?)

Some examples of valid passwords are:

  • RedSpace2014!
  • JJ?56251hh17

Tips for picking secure passwords:

  • Avoid using your name in the password – it’s easy to guess
  • Avoid using words like “password”, “myshiftplanner” or anything easy to guess
  • Avoid using parts of your email address in your password
  • Join multiple words together to make longer passwords – e.g. ThisMightBeAGoodOne?!
  • The longer the password, the better

If you’re unsure, please contact our support team: