The Pro-Pack contains lots of additional features that help you take control of your shift work


  • Pay Calculation – set hour pay rates for any of your shifts, and track your prospective, pre-tax income
  • Calendar Sync – copy shifts to your phone calendar
  • Multiple Patterns – changing your shift rota in the future? With Pro, you can add as many future rotas as you like. Setting them to start on any future date
  • Personal Appointments – import your personal appointments from your phone calendar into MyShiftPlanner’s Notes section
  • Live Sharing – share your shift pattern with a partner, family or work colleagues
  • Annual Leave Tracking  – keep tabs on your annual leave allowance and manage your time off
  • Work/Time Reports  – records worked hours, overtime and time in lieu. Download and email reports
  • Reminders  – set reminders for your shift pattern or individual shifts so that you never miss a shift
  • Multiple Calendars – create extra calendars for another job, or family member.
  • Calendar Overlay – see two of your calendars, or a shared calendar, next to each other to see when you both have time off
  • Multiple Shifts on a day – add a second shift to your day, or turn a full day shift into a half day by adding “No Shift/Off”
  • Custom Icons – liven up your shift calendar by adding a range of personal icons to your shifts
  • No Ads – removes the ad banner and gives you more space to see your calendar and shift pattern

The Pro-Pack is available as a small monthly subscription, or at an annual discount of 33% off.  Once unlocked you get access to any new pro-features we add without additional charges.

See our Terms and Conditions for more information.