You don’t need to register your email address with us to use MyShiftPlanner, although it is recommended. When you register, you’re creating a MyShiftPlanner Online Cloud account which has a number of benefits:

BENEFIT #1: Peace of Mind – You’ll be able to keep your data backed up to our servers.

We keep up to 10 backups for every registered account so you know your data is safe in the event that you lose your device, make a mistake when changing your shifts or need to delete the app for some reason.
We automatically back up your data every 7 days and you can manually create a backup at any time for peace of mind – such as just before you want to make a change to your shift pattern.

BENEFIT #2: You can have MyShiftPlanner on multiple devices and keep your data synchronised between them all.

By using the same MyShiftPlanner online account (email address) on different devices, you can use the Auto Sync feature which keeps your data synchronised between all those devices, so if you have a tablet you keep at home for the family, you can have your rota on it which always has the latest version of your work schedule on it.

BENEFIT #3: You can optionally receive our monthly shift working Newsletter (Shift Thinking)

You can choose to receive our monthly newsletter containing useful tips, news on the app and shift working blog posts which you may find interesting (you can opt out of receiving this at any time from within the User Profile screen of the app).

BENEFIT #4: [Needs the Pro Pack] You can live share your work calendar with another MyShiftPlanner user (such as a colleague or family member)

The Live Sharing feature allows you to share any (or all) of you calendars with another MyShiftPlanner user, as a read-only view. This is kept up-to-date as you make changes so they will always get the latest version of your schedule automatically. The recipient won’t be able to make any changes or add anything into your calendar, so is perfect to share with work colleagues or family members who have installed MyShiftPlanner.

We hope you see the benefit of having a MyShiftPlanner Online Cloud account. Please note that the above features won’t work if you don’t have an on-line account but the rest of MyShiftPlanner will work as normal, so it’s completely your choice.

If you have any questions about the features mentioned above or MyShiftPlanner, email our team at