We often get asked, “why has the feature I asked for not been added to the app yet?”. It’s a fair question as we’re always grateful to hear suggestions from our users and try to get as many of these into the app as we can.

The honest answer is because we haven’t gotten that far on our list yet!

We now have 300,000 active users of MyShiftPlanner.

That means that every second of every day, at least 50 people are using our app at the same time – that’s incredible!

We’re proud of how passionate our users are about the app and how they want to use it, so we receive over a dozen new suggestions or requests every week and have done for years.

If you think Santa’s list is long, you should see our suggestions list.

Our backlog currently has around 400 unique suggestions and requests in it – of all different levels of complexity.

So how do we handle the huge list of suggestions? We do it based on popularity and urgency. Every time a request comes in, our developers review it and if it’s been asked for before, we increase a counter on that suggestion, so we know how popular a suggestion is.

Before starting to develop a new update, we review the list and the most popular along with bug reports and maintenance changes we need to make to keep the app running properly.

Our Team

You may not realise it but we’re a really small team of only a few dedicated people. Our developers, testers and support superstars work really hard to do as much as they can in each release, and I hope it shows.

So if you’re kind enough to contact us with ideas of a feature or change you’d like to see in the app, then we’d like to say a big thank you, and ask you to bear with us – we’ll get to it as soon as we possibly can!