Ever wondered how much easier your life would be if everything you want and need to know is at the touch of a button?

With MyShiftPlanner, it really can be that easy! 🙂

MyShiftPlanner is a one stop shop that has been making a difference for shift workers lives for over 10 years.

Can’t survive without it …

We have users of the app all over the world. Many have told us they were at the end of their tether, trying to stay organised and in control of their daily life. Sarah left us a review that even went as far to say …

“I simply cannot manage my shifts without MyShiftPlanner! It is wonderful and I would be lost without it”

Family life as a shift worker

For many shift workers, life is busy enough.

There’s family to organise … appointments … childcare … and all the other day-to-day chores that need to be done.

How on earth are you meant to make any sense of all of this written on a calendar – who’s doing what and when …

THEN imagine the shift rota changes!

You have to start all over again …

Our first user …

Andy was one of the first users of MyShiftPlanner 10 years ago.

He told us how they had to manage with a calendar for each family member. With different colours for each activity.

“I used to have to print off a calendar, go through and highlight my day/night shifts and off days in different colours.

Then add my days off and then amend it all if things were cancelled or changed.

This led to the calendar looking very messy even halfway through the year.”

You’re not alone …

We have a few users who have tried to manage their time in a similar way, but they all tell us how ineffective it is in the long run. And how hard it is not knowing from one week to the next what shift they’re on and how to manage their family around that.

Worst are important family events. Birthdays, Christmas or summer holidays, and the feeling of not being able to plan ahead.

Adam messaged us to say that the app had lifted so much weight off his shoulders …

The biggest benefit is the fact I could put shifts in as far ahead as I want and then share it with my wife So if she wants to organise anything she can do it immediately, without having to I get home. And as the sharing is live, anything changes for my shifts, the calendar is updated automatically.

Sharing with the family

Sharing of the shift calendar is also beneficial to other family members.

Jenny got the app so her daughter knew when her shifts were. She loves looking after her grandson and couldn’t praise the app enough.

It’s so easy to organise I’ll be able to look after my gandson. No messing around back and forth with phone calls or messages because it’s all there at the touch of a button.

Keep track of shifts and overtime …

Many people tell us they find MyShiftPlanner useful for tracking overtime. The app’s ability to track working hours, overtime and pay, all in one place and adding it up for you is a major benefit.

Losing track of how many hours you have done can be bad for physical health and mental health. Many users have contacted us to say how surprised they are at how many hours they have lost that had not been recorded properly. And how much they had actually worked without realising it.

Better Work Life Balance

The app was built to help people have a better work/life balance. To make sure shift workers are able to plan time with family, get involved in special occasions, and in planning with family for those well deserved holidays.

Stay in control with MyShiftPlanner

Being organised is vital for anyone working shifts. It’s important to stay on top of things. Which is why downloading MyShiftPlanner is the first thing you should do today.

You can be one of those people who can finally say that they are in control. Download now for free.