We regularly update MyShiftPlanner. But why should you keep your app updated? Here’s some important reasons!

New Features

We’ve always been very strong on listening to our users. Every change we’ve made to the app since its inception has come directly from our users. 

It’s you, our users who keep us on our toes! We are constantly being asked for new features to shift workers manage their lives better. 

We regularly add new features to the app!

We’re only too happy to help! Which is why we regularly add new features to the app. As well as refining existing features to make them better. 

By making sure your app is updated, you can get access to the new features, and the refinements that will make your experience even better. 

Improved Security

We work hard to keep your data secure. Changes happen regularly, and we constantly review our security protocols.

By updating the app you can make sure that your device remaining secure

Older apps that aren’t updated can be easier for hackers to access. Which is why we recommend keeping all your apps and your phone updated, not just MyShiftPlaner.

Changes Under the Hood

The “under the hood” changes aren’t things that people always see. But they do make a difference to the app.

Updates can make the app run smoother and more intuitively. They can also allow data to be backed up and saved much more efficiently.

We stay up to date with the technology platforms

Every time Apple or Google release a new update of their operating system, we have to run through testing to make sure it doesn’t affect MyShiftPlanner. 

Older users may remember a time early on with the app when Apple changed iOS and suddenly stopped the app from working properly. We had to work fiercely hard to get things up and running again. And of course, many of our users were affected!

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t get to see what changes have been made. So every time a new release of iOS is announced we hold our breath!

Bug fixes

Even though we work hard to keep ahead, sometimes software clashes occur. When we get many users reporting the same problem with the app, our developers will fix it.

They will find a solution and then introduce an app update (usually a 0.0.1 number) that will fix the problem. We usually say when we release an update that it contains bug fixes.

As soon as you update the app, you’ll notice the issue is gone and that everything works just fine.

So, if you noticed a bug with the app, first check to see if you have the latest version. Head to the app store and check for an update. If it is available, get it and get rid of the problem with ease.

Constant Evolution

We are constantly evolving MyShiftPlanner to make it work better, fixing issues and adding new functionality from our user’s feedback. 

Keeping your app up to date means that you get the best from it. The best of the new features, and the best performance and stability as well. 

If you have a problem with the app, such as a crash, or data issue. The first thing to do is check to see if an update is available. Then, contact our support team if you need more help. 

Update MyShiftPlanner Today

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Android Users – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.mybuzztechnologies.myShiftPlanner&hl=en_GB