What’s New

7th November 2023

Version 1.0.0+70b2: Feature Improvements

This latest update of MyShiftManager adds a number of features as well as fixes for some issues and bugs.

  • Profile image can now be set by the user
  • Company logo can be changed by Company Admin user
  • New option to highlight weekends
  • Sign-up flow improved
  • Improved performance and web support (due to technology update)
  • Open shifts offer implemented (if granted)

Any questions, get in touch with our team at support@myshiftmanager.co.uk

23rd October 2023

Version 1.0.0+62: Annual Leave & Team Management

Manage Annual Leave Requests

This latest update of MyShiftManager gives you the power to process and manage Workforce Annual Leave.

  • Team members can request annual leave from their MyShiftManager log-in and the MyShiftPlanner app.
  • Requests are flagged as pending, awaiting review by a manager.
  • Managers can approve or reject annual leave requests.
  • Full audit trail of leave requests stored in the system

Streamline the process of assessing and granting annual leave with MyShiftManager.

Team Management

The People Tab now offers a new view option. Switch the option to View By Team and you can see your workforce in their teams and add users to teams more speedily. Tap on the cog icon on each team to change update the team.

Team Options in User Profiles

Each of your people’s User Profiles now has a Teams option.

You can assign a user to any team, or even more than one team.

The options allow you to manage teams more effectively and quickly in the app.

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