This week we have released the much awaited Version 4 of My Shift Planner. The new update includes many features that our users have been asking for.


Flexible Calendar Views – Year View and Day Previews

YearViewWith a new Day Preview you can see all the information about each shift occurrence and add useful and important information. Toggle from month and year views to make planning life around your shift pattern easier than ever.



Go into the new My Shift Planner and you will notice the new month and year toggle, allowing you to move to the year view which gives a 12 month view of your entire shift pattern. To zoom into a month simply tap on a month to take you in. The 12month view is a good way of jumping around the calendar and allowing you to see your shift pattern months in advance.


Other new calendar features include week numbers, and a range of options that can be turned on or off through the calendar menu in the calendar settings. This includes the ability to hide the next previous month’s shifts from the month view. So that you can turn off distractions.




Day previews allow you to see more information about a day than is available in the monthly calendar. Tap and hold the day to reveal the extra information such as notes and times, along with buttons that allow you to edit and make quick changes to your shifts.








Updated User Profiles


You can now customise your experience of My Shift Planner to make the best use of the app you love. Choose your own avatar and create a calendar that is easy for you to read and use.
Also new is are user profiles allowing you to customise My Shift Planner. So that all your information including payroll and employee numbers etc. is available in one place on the app.
Edit this by simply tapping on the section.


You can also tap on the avatar to give yourself a new avatar face that represents you! When we add Live Sharing in the next update, your avatar will represent you to everyone you share your calendar with. So enjoy having a bit of fun with the face people can see.




Auto Sync Feature

Synchronise your calendar across multiple devices with the new Auto Sync feature. Your data is always safe and secure and your calendar won’t be lost with your My Shift Planner Account.


Your My Shift Planner Account is a cloud account that is free to use and set up. This is where your calendar and user information is backed up to. If you lose or damage your phone or upgrade to another advice, you can keep all your information and auto sync it to a new device.



Once you have registered a My Shift Planner account – do so through the profile section – you can turn on auto sync to keep your data in sync at all times and automatically backup your changes to your shift account securely. So it is always stored from the last time you had internet access.

Contact us if you need help


We’ve added lots of smaller feature changes and refinements to make the app easier to use and more flexible. We hope you enjoy using these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any questions, or would like help setting up MyShiftPlanner, please contact our support team through the Feedback option in the app or at


See our Version 4.0 Training Video