Our new Shift Scheduling Web-App, MyShiftManager is now live. Find out more about the latest shift work tool from the makers of MyShiftPlanner

What is MyShiftManager?

MyShiftManager is a shift scheduling web-app designed to work alongside MyShiftPlanner. 

You can set up shift work for your team and publish their rota directly to their MyShiftPlanner app. 

The daily dashboard gives you immediate visibility of who’s working, who’s away, and any issues that need addressing in the schedule …

Who uses MyShiftManager?

Anyone who needs to schedule a team of shift workers will benefit from using MyShiftManager

From shift managers, to small business owners, or team supervisors … etc.

If you’re in charge of managing the schedules, you’ll immediately see the difference. 

No need to struggle anymore with spreadsheets!

Quickly assign shifts to team members, or whole teams, using the colour-coded calendar …

Is it difficult to set up?

We’ve worked hard to make MyShiftManager as simple as possible to use

  1. Create your team.
  2. Connect them to MyShiftPlanner (or connect to their existing account)
  3. Add shifts to the calendar
  4. Hit Publish
  5. The shifts appear in the team members’ MyShiftPlanner app

Watch the set up video to find out more …

Why MyShiftManager?

We developed MyShiftManager in response to the huge number of requests we received from our users, who told us …

“My team are using MyShiftPlanner. Is there a version for managers that can link to the app?”

Our goal was to create the most flexible, visual, shift scheduling tool on the market. 

MyShiftManager is designed with simplicity in mind. To help shift managers save time on exhaustive scheduling tasks.

We’ve made the system clear and concise, easy to use, and quick to deploy.

What do I get a MyShiftPlanner User? 

An amazing “Early Adopter Discount”! Our users mean everything to us. Which is why we’re releasing MyShiftManager to you first. You get…

30-DAY FREE TRIAL of MyShiftManager

Followed by a limited time 50% Early Adopter Discount

The trial is completely obligation-free and gives you full access to all the current features of MyShiftManager.

Want to know more? Click below to start the trial or book a demo today.

Tell Your Manager …

You don’t have to be involved in scheduling to help us out. Why not tell your manager about MyShiftManager?

We’d love you to recommend us to your shift manager and wer’e happy to extend the discount off to them, because of you.

Send them a link to this blog, or ask them to contact us directly at support@myshiftmanager.co.uk