It’s our birthday! 🎉 🥳 We can’t believe it, but MyShiftPlanner is 10 years old.

We thought we’d celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane, back to the very first version of MyShiftPlanner, to see how it all started and how far we’ve come.

ShiftPlanner – the Early Days

Want to see what MyShiftPlanner was like when we first built it? You can, it’s still on the App Store!

But it’s not called MyShiftPlanner, instead it’s been renamed ShiftPlanner Peek.

ShiftPlanner Peek – the 1st Version of MyShiftPlanner

10 Years Ago

MyShiftPlanner was built 10 years ago by our MD Chris Pimlott. Chris’s brother-in-law was working at Manchester Airport on a 4On/4Off rota.

Chris built him a simple app so that he could plan his time and see his rota simply in his calendar. That first version of the app appeared on the App Store on 10th May 2013.

In 2 months, it had accumulated 10,000 downloads. 10 years later, the app has been downloaded by nearly 2million shift workers all around the world.

That first version was very simple. It was called ShiftPlanner and offered one rota. 4On/4Off and was very basic in design.

1 Year On – The birth of MyShiftPlanner

A year later, the app was completely rebuilt and renamed. Though we decided to leave the old one running as ShiftPlanner Peek – it’s still on the App Store today!

The new app, MyShiftPlanner, boasted a limited range of improvements in the UI from the original design. However, very quickly, as the app’s popularity grew, it was very clear that more options and features were needed by shift workers.

MyShiftPlanner v3.0

Full Update List

Since those early days, there’s been lots of updates! Every single one has been added as a response to a user request. Our users have told us what they need to better manage their shifts. Our response has been to add those features to the app, where we can. And to update and upgrade it whenever possible.

Here’s a full breakdown of all the changes we’ve made to MyShiftPlanner

ShiftPlannerMay 2013Initial release of the app.
Simple Rota app with 1 built-in pattern
MyShiftPlanner v1.0May 2014MyShiftPlanner – iOS release for 4on/4off shift workers.
v1.1June 2014Support for overtime and holiday markers and configurable 4on/4off pattern
v2.0Oct 2014First Android version!
Redesign of the UI
3 new patterns added (alternating day/night, late/early, nights only)
Configurable shift types
Ability to add overtime hours to your shift
v2.1Nov 2014Support for notes on a day,
Am I On searching
More built-in patterns
v2.2March 201512/24 hour time formats
Customisation options for the calendar
v3.0June 2015Custom shift patterns supported
Built-in public holidays for UK and USA
v3.1Jan 2016Live sharing feature added
New setup features
v3.2Sep 2016Hard Workers Pack introduced
Annual leave tracking added
Shift reminders feature added
v3.3Dec 2016Continental pattern added
v3.4March 2017Dark mode introduced
v4.0May 2017Year view added
Automatic sync between devices (and to your account) added
User profile avatars added
Week number support added
Day preview pop-up added
v4.1Aug 2017Improved iPad support
Android home screen widget added
iOS today widget added
v4.2Jan 2018Multiple calendar support added for Hard Workers Pack
Overlay 2 calendars on the month view
24 hour shift support
Built-in Public holidays for 30 countries
v4.2.5Mar 20182-2-2 pattern added
More customisable on/off pattern
App lock feature added
v4.3July 2018Automatic snapshot backup of data to your account every 7 days In-lieu
Public holiday tracking added
Weekend rules added to pattern setup
v5.0Aug 2018Hard Workers Pack renamed to Pro Pack
Swap icon added
Overtime tracking added to reports
Sync to Phone Calendar feature added
v5.1Dec 2018Payday icon schedules added
Up to 40 shift types now supported
Improved support for emoji in the calendar and notes
v5.2Jul 2019Improved pattern setup
Improved Day Properties
Extended annual leave allowance and tracking tools
2 and 3 week repeating patterns added
v5.3Nov 2019Custom icon gallery added for Pro Pack users
Support for 2 shifts on a day in each calendar
Add “before” and “after” overtime to any shift
v5.3.9Feb 2020Extra pay schedule options
More device calendar sync options
New, more modern dark theme
v5.4Mar 2021Support for automatic app theme switching to match phone settings
v5.5June 20216 new shift patterns added
v5.6Aug 2021Pro Pack 3-day trial added
More customisation options for the calendars.
New share manager added
Improved handling of annual leave
v5.6.3Sept 2021Biometric (fingerprint or face) app protection added
v5.7Oct 2021Support for multiple patterns in a calendar
Improved Google calendar sync support
v5.8Nov 2021Overtime icon can now be customised
v5.9Jan 2022Pay Calculations added
Custom annual leave types added
Resizable 7 day Android
Home widget
v5.9.5June 2023“Next Day Off” search feature added to Am I On
Automatically prompts for overtime start/end when overtime is added
Customisable public holidays
v6.0Feb 2023Full UI overhaul with modern design and theme
New week view introduced New events list introduced to view all shifts on a date from all calendars
Improved gray theme
Support for MyShiftManager
v6.1July 2023New setup experience
New shift picker and adding experience
Integrated icons for easier use
New pattern setup experience
Create patterns from shifts already in your calendar
Integrated help for easier getting started

What’s Next? MyShiftManager

As you can see, we’ve certainly not sat back on our laurels. There’s been major updates throughout the entire life of MyShiftPlanner. And we have lots more coming up too!

We’ve been working hard on a new product to work alongside MyShiftPlanner. Our new Shift Scheduling System, MyShiftManager, is ready to roll out.

Find out more!>

Designed to support overstretched shift managers take back control of time and teams.

The new web app makes scheduling easy and reporting quick and painless.

Simple, time-saving scheduling. So that you can focus on great management and client fulfilment. Shift templates, repeat patterns and team forecasting available in just a few clicks.

Live dashboard reporting. or full team visibility, so that you can make faster, informed decisions as and when things change. You’ll be free from admin tasks and headaches with instant reporting available on team stats, annual leave, and resource issues.

All-in-one communication. With the push of a button, so you have full team tracking in your pocket. With full MyShiftPlanner integration, teams never miss a shift while you never miss a trick when it comes to tracking team whereabouts and client fulfilment.

MyShiftPlanner Rebuild

We aren’t just stopping with MyShiftManager. This year we are continuing our full rebuild of MyShiftPlanner in a modern technology – Flutter. This will allow us to offer our users so much more, including lots of new options and features. Including web/desktop versions and much more.

Keep an eye out this year for all the new options and changes.