The latest update of MyShiftPlanner – v5.3 is ready for download. We’ve done a lot of work on this update. There’s lots of internal changes, bug fixes and performance improvements. But we’ve also added some great new features, all from our user’s feedback.

Here’s what you can find in v5.3:

  • Multiple Shifts Per Day*
  • Custom Icons for Shifts*
  • Overtime Before and After a Shift
  • Easier Pattern Setup
  • Updated Widgets
  • Fixes, Refinements and Speed Improvements

(*Pro-Pack only)

Multiple Shifts Per Day

For a long time, users have been asking if they can add multiple shifts on a day. With v.5.3 Pro-Users can now use the + button in the main screen to add multiple shifts to a day.

Simply tap on the shift you want to add to a day, then on the day in the calendar.

The dropper toggles between adding a half-day, replacing the full day or returning back to the default shift for your pattern. Try it out and see!

If you already have two shifts on the day, you get the option of which one you want to change.

Custom Icons for Shifts

You can now add your own icons to any day using the “Icons” option in the + button menu.

There are a range of icons available. With options for showing sports events so that you can customise your shift calendar and quickly see when you have special events coming up.

You can also add and edit your new icons in the Day Properties view.

Overtime before and after a shift

Previously, you could only add overtime before or after a shift.

Version 5.3 gives you the option to add 2 different sets of overtime to each shift, and track them through the Work Time Report.

The added flexibility allows you to keep even better track of your working hours and to manage your time more effectively.

Easier Pattern Setup

We’re constantly striving to keep the shift pattern setup as easy and intuitive as possible. Without losing the ability to create complex rotas with lots of customisation.

We’ve made some changes to pattern set up. Other Repeating Patterns has been simplified to make it even easier to use.

For those with very complicated patterns that rotate over many weeks, the app is as powerful as ever.

It really can cope with almost any shift pattern you can throw at it.

Updated Widgets

The new updated Home Screen/Today widget on both Android and iOS now show multiple overtimes and custom icons.

With Widgets, you can see your rota at a glance.

Fixes, Refinements and Speed Improvements

We’ve done more work than ever before in fixing bugs and refining the inner workings of the app. We’ve also been doing some work on editing and cutting out older code in the app to make it run faster.

Hopefully you’ll notice a speed difference, particularly on older devices. Though we are striving to do better.

As always, if you have problems, notice any issues at all, or want to give us your feedback, please let us know by emailing

Thanks to all our beta testers and regular users for your help in keeping MyShiftPlanner the best shift working app on the stores!