IMPORTANT NOTE!! — You MUST have a myshiftplanner account to transfer your data to a new device

It’s that time of year …

It’s the time of year when new phones are everywhere. Apple’s iPhone 14 is out with a new improved camera. Christmas is just around the corner when new phones will definitely be part of the Christmas Gift List

Some apps transfer data automatically to the new phone. Samsung and some other Android devices have a good bckup facility which will automatically transfer app data across.

But, not all apps do that.

My ShiftPlanner doesn’t use iCloud or Google Drive to store your data.

So if you get a new phone, you need a MyShiftPlanner account. Otherwise you risk losing all your shift calendar and everything from your app.

Data in MyShiftPlanner

MyShiftPlanner stores your shift data in two places. 

  1. Your device’s local storage
  2. Your MyShiftPlanner cloud account

If you have NOT set up a myshiftplanner account, your shift data is ONLY stored on your phone.

If you lose that phone or trade it in, you will not be able to transfer your shift data to your new device.

Therefore you MUST set up an account to transfer your data to a new phone.

Set up a MyShiftPlanner Account

On your OLD Device

  1. Open MyShiftPlanner
  2. Tap on the Menu Icon in the top left
  3. Tap User Profile
  4. Sign In/Log into the app

Once you have an account, run a backup to make sure your data is fully up-to-date.

Backup your Calendar

  1. Go to your User Profile
  2. Tap on the Data/Security Tab
  3. Tap Backup Now

This will backup your data to the cloud.

Done that? Great!

Now you’re all ready to transfer to a new phone/device.

Set up your new device

  1. Go to the App Store/Play Store
  2. Search for MyShiftPlanner
  3. Download the latest version of MyShiftPlanner to your device
  4. Open myshiftplanner
  5. On the “Welcome Screen” choose the option “Existing User
  6. Log in using your username and password

MyShiftPlanner will now load your full data into your new device. 

You’re all set to go! But, if you have any problems at any time, get in touch with our team via the Help options in the app. We’re always here to help.