We’ve updated MyShiftPlanner and brought in a new feature – Pay Calculation!

Users have been asking for this for quite a long time! We’ve now added into the latest update to help you get even more control of your shift work life.

Set Default Pay Rates for your working hours

Pay Settings has been updated. You can now set a default pay rate for your all your shifts. This does a basic calculation, adding up hours against the pay rate, to see how much you will earn for your shift work (before tax).

Select Pay Settings to set default pay rates for shifts, overtime, and paid annual leave.

Set individual Pay Rates for all your shift types

If you work different shifts at individual pay rates, you can customise your Shift Type to have it’s own pay rate. For example, adding an increased rate for Nights or unsociable hours.

Go to Setup Shifts and edit the types. For each shift, you can set an individual pay rate that will be included in your calculation.

Change Rates for any Day

As well as individual rates for any day and see how much you will earn.

Open the Day Properties to see pay rates for that day. Change the hourly rate for your shift, or add overtime.

Additional Items

You can add an additional pay item for any day. Such as a bonus or extra amount.

Tap on the + next to Additional Pay to add a one-off pay item.

See your Pay Calculation for any period

Track your pay calculation for any period, alongside your Work Time Report.

Go to the Work Time Report and tap on the Pay tab. Change the dates at the top to see your pay calculation for any period.

Other Changes in v5.9

Other changes in this update include better automated backups. MyShiftPlanner now backs up your data every time you make a changes in the app. And runs a full backup up of all your data ever week. (NB. You must be logged into your account with Auto-Sync on.)

The manual Backup/Restore buttons and Auto-Sync option can now be found in the Data/Security tab of your User Profile.

You can still backup and restore manually. But as long as you’re logged in, you shouldn’t need to.

Download Now

Look out for the new update version 5.9. Rolling out on the stores right now.

iOS: shorturl.at/iyWY5

Android: shorturl.at/gnrxO