We’ve made some changes in the latest version of MyShiftPlanner!

The new “Pattern Setup” page in the app is designed to make it easier than ever for shift workers to add a shift pattern to the app and keep track of their shift work.

Whether you have a standard shift patter, such as a 2:2:2 or 4on/4off, or a more complex pattern that requires a manual set up, MyShiftPlanner can cope!

The app gives you all the flexibility you need from a single setup screen. 

Setting up a Standard Pattern­­

To change your pattern, tap on the Calendar Icon in the top right of the main screen. Then tap on “Patterns” to open the Pattern Setup Page. If you have a standard pattern, you can choose it from our list of built in shift types. Tap on the box at the bottom marked Patterns.

Tap on the Calendar Icon in the top right of the screen
Tap on the calendar icon
Tap on Patterns
Tap on Patterns
Tap on the Patterns box
Tap on the Patterns box

Built-In Patterns for MyShiftPlanner

There are lots of built in patterns that you can use straight away or customise. Including …

Continental 2-2-3

Days Only

Nights Only
Alternating Days/Nights
Alternating Early/Late

Du-Pont Schedule
3 Week Repeating
No Rotating Pattern

Custom Patterns

If you have a more complex pattern, you can add that to the app as well, but it takes a little bit more set up. 

Form the Patterns Box, choose the option “Other Repeating Pattern” from the list. The two boxes at the top are for your start date, and the date when your pattern rotates (starts the rotation again). You’ll be given a number of boxes, depending on when your pattern rotates. Next, tap on the shift types at the bottom and add them to your calendar. 

Tap on the Patterns box
Select Other Repeating Pattern
Set the start and repeat date of your pattern
Add shifts to the calendar to create your pattern

Once your pattern is entered, you can change the times fo your shifts. Or preview the pattern to see how it will rotate through the calendar. When you’re happy, hit save, and the pattern is saved to your calendar.

Preview the Pattern
Change Shift Times
Save to your Calendar

Your pattern should now be safe in your calendar. You can add extra days by tapping on the + button and adding extra shifts.

Your Custom pattern is now saved to your calendar
The pattern will rotate through the calendar
Add shifts or holidays to your calendar by tapping +

If you need any more help with your shift pattern, our support team are always available to lend a hand. Contact us on support@myshiftplanner.com