Are you working a Hybrid Rota? Splitting your time between office and home?

Lots of people are facing a return to the workplace in a few weeks’ time. But, instead of the usual Mon-Fri, 9-5 workers are being asked to work a hybrid rota of home/office working. 

What is a Hybrid Work Rota?

Hybrid working is made up of a mix of employees working both in an office or workplace, and also remotely at home. 

One of the ideas behind a hybrid team is that employees can choose when and where they work, depending on their responsibilities and personal preferences.

Why Hybrid Working?

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many employers are thinking about the health and safety of workers. 

Redesigning the work environment to allow workers to remain safe has become a priority.

Workstations will have to allow people to sit the required distance apart without people entering each other’s personal space. Common areas such as meeting rooms, receptions, kitchens and toilets will need a rethink, sanitiser gel will need to be readily available and rules on shared spaces clearly communicated.

As a result of these changes, office spaces and workplaces may not be able to accommodate all the employees at once. At the same time, some employees may need to work from home for longer for many different reasons.

What the last few months of lockdown have proven, is that many people are capable of working from home. Meaning that employers may take the opportunity of rotating when workers come in, and when they are asked to continue working remotely.

MyShiftPlanner for Hybrid Work Rotas

MyShiftPlanner my be an app primarily designed for shift rotas. But it is also ideal for people who are being asked to work a hybrid rota. Here’s some reasons why.

1. Repeating Rotas

If you are being asked to work any type of rota, you won’t be able to add that easily to your phone calendar. MyShiftPlanner is designed to run rotas and patterns so you can quickly set up a repeating work rota.

2. See Your Rota at a Glance!

The beauty of MySP is that it gives an immediate view of what you are doing. Open the app and you can see straight away where you are working each day. 

3. Am I On?

No other app has a feature like “Am I On”. Enter any date and you can see immediately where you are that day, what you’re doing and whether you are free.

Watch the video for more information