It’s very rare you see anyone talk about the positives of shift working in articles or news items. Search Google and you can guarantee the results will be dominated by all the negatives, such as lack of sleep, implications on health etc …

But is shift work all that bad?

Here are 8 reasons why some people actually prefer working shifts.

1. Financial Incentives

Working unsociable hours needs to be rewarded with a better pay scale. Not everyone is capable of working night and twilight shifts. Takes a special kind of person!

2. Days off during the week – making daily duties less stressful than at a busy weekend

Going to the bank, boring appointments, clothes shopping etc. They can be bad enough without the extra stress of all the world and their wife doing the same thing at the same time as you!

3. More autonomy – fewer people around during night shifts to hassle you

There’s nothing worse than having your ear chewed off by a colleague or listening to the team politics when all you want to do is get your job done and go home. If there are very few people around to do that it won’t be a problem.

4. Makes childcare easier to manage

Childcare is expensive and sometimes it’s not worth you working if you just end up paying it out the child minder. At least working shifts you can share your child care with friends, family or partners and pay a fraction of the cost if not none at all.

5. Unfinished work transfers to the staff next on shift – nothing hanging over you on your next shift

The joys of your job being taken over by the next shift worker.  Nothing put in a drawer until tomorrow or left on the pile until you come back. These jobs need finishing, and the work doesn’t stop until it is, whether it is a quick job, a job that will take a day or a longer project – it’s worked on by the team.

6. Helps you to save money!

Not being free evenings and weekends means you don’t have as much opportunity to go out and spend.

Everything costs a fortune at the moment, and it seems that, the nicer it is the more it’s going to cost you. Quick couple of drinks down the pub now will set you back £30 for the two of you! At least if you are working the normal sociable hours you don’t need to spend the pennies.

7. More days off in a longer period – like 4 on 4 off

Not just the 2-day weekends most others have.  Shift work is tiring and deserves a longer period of time off, better that just your 9-5 workers who only get a Saturday and Sunday off. Lucky you, eh?!

8. Shopping is easier and the gym is quieter

What a great feeling when you finish work and you walk into a Supermarket … well no one can be bothered generally shopping after working a late/night shift … but, when you go shopping, there’s you and another 3 people! No queues, no crowding. In and out in no time!  Might be the only peace and quiet you get for the rest of the day …!

“Why do I prefer to work a night shift? No management around so I can prove myself worth of a promotion to management level and I get paid extra for working the graveyard shift.

It also left my days open for things people usually have to take a days holiday for”.


“As a driver I covered a lot more miles on a night shift, less traffic and less hassle”.


In the shift work industry 1,469 shift workers in 20 different countries were asked about their job.

  • 90% of shift workers feel like they contributed to the organisation’s success.
  • 96% like specific components of their job
  • 37% feel like they have opportunity to progress.

The #1 shift work perk is flexibility!

One important thing that can make shift work easier is to be organised and have a clear picture for you, family and friends of when you are working and when you have free time.

Most people like an easy to use app and have the information at the touch of a button!

Which is why we built – MyShiftPlanner!

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