The lastest update of MyShiftPlanner is available now for iOS and Android devices. New features include Multiple Leave Types, and a new expandable 7-day Android Widget.

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Multiple Leave Types

The new update includes the option to create individual leave types, either full-day or part-day leave. These leave types can be created in the “Setup Shifts” screen and tracked in Annual Leave Settings and Work Time Reports.

To create a new leave type do the following:-

  • Tap on the cog/settings icon
  • Tap Setup Shifts
  • Tap on the +
  • Select the option “Add a Leave Type
  • Turn off the option “Is Full Day Leave” to create a part-day leave

This new option also allows you to create different types of OFF for non-working days. To do this, create a new shift or leave type, then select “Not Working” from the shift “TYPE”.

It couldn’t be easier!

Re-sizeable Android Widget

We’ve updated the large Android widget. It’s now re-sizeable to be able to show anything from 3 days to 7 days. Changing the size is simple …

  • Add the larger widget to your Home Screen
  • Once it’s added, tap and hold on the Widget
  • Use the resize option to show as many days as you want – up to a full week.

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As always, our support team are ready and able to help out with any problems. Get in touch with us via the “Help>Get In Touch” option in the app. Or email us via

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