From v5.6 onwards. New Pro-Pack purchases can be made by either a small monthly subscription, or discounted yearly payment . Why have we made this change to our charging model?

Why subscriptions for the Pro App?

It’s all about helpful to fund running the app and adding all the new features we’re asked for.

We’d all love everthing to be free. But to continue to keep the app updated, add all the new features users request, and provide outstanding support for our users, we have had to move to a subscription for Pro-Pack users.

MyShiftPlanner is the most flexible, customisable and powerful shift app on the stores with hundreds of thousands of users needing to be supported and asking for even more features.

Why not a single one-off payment?

Subscriptions provide more regular income so our small team can afford to spend more time on the great new features you’ve been asking for. Such as …

  • Pay calculations
  • Multiple calendars
  • More overtime options
  • More leave tracking,
  • Desktop versions of the app,
  • Team tools… etc.

The list if enormous and the new pricing model helps to support that. Without it, we couldn’t afford to do a fraction of what you want us to!

If you want to see more about why we have to have money to support the app, check out this blog

I don’t want to have to pay for using the app

If you don’t like subscriptions, then stay with the free version and enjoy the many features you get for the inconvenience of a few adverts. The free version of the app is extremely powerful in it’s own right and will remain free. There is no obligation to subscribe to the Pro-version.

I already bought the Pro-Pack, do I have to pay again?

The subscription is only for new Pro users. If you already have Pro Pack, No Ads or a previous purchase, nothing changes for you – you’ll still get access to all Pro features as before.

Most new Pro-features will also be available to you, if you have the pre-existing pack. However, some features we may add in the future may only be available to the Pro-subscribers.

If you have any more questions, contact our support team via the Help option in the app.

Or take a look at our blog on why apps have to charge –