My Shift Planner has a free cloud backup so that you can aways keep your data safe. We’ve made some changes in the latest update, so you can choose which of your backups to restore into the app. Here’s how it works. 

Keeping your Shift Calendar Safe and Secure

It’s always important to keep your data backed up in the MyShiftPlanner app.

If you ever lose your phone, change it, or accidentally delete the app, you risk losing your shift calendar, and all the information you’ve added into the app.

That’s why we encourage users to:-

1. Set up a free cloud account

2. Switch on Auto-Sync (Automatic Backups) in the app.

Doing this will mean that your data will be regularly backed up to our cloud database. And you will be able to restore it into your app at any time.

Restore a backup

You can save at any time and restore a backup from the cloud by doing the following:-

-Tap on the MENU icon in the top left

-Tap on Backup/Restore

Multiple Backups

The MyShiftPlanner app also allows you to choose which of your previous backups you want to restore. 

Tap on CONFIGURE to go back to over your backups and restore which one is correct.

Here’s how you can see your previous backups. 

Tap on the menu icon in the top left of the main screen. And then on the option Backup/Restore Data
Tap on the option at the bottom – CONFIGURE
Tap on the Restore Backup button to bring up a list of your previouis backups
You can choose from up to 10 previous backups of your Shift Calendar Data

Even if you choose to restore an older backup, your later ones are still saved and available to restore back into your phone should you choose to do so. 

Our cloud database is set up to store 10 older backups. Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited space on the server to store everything from the year dot, but most users find what they need in the last few Backups. 

Need Help? Get in contact!

If you need any help with this feature, or anything else in the My Shift Planner app, our friendly support team are more than ready to offer assistance.

Contact us any time, at