Losing your shifts from the calendar can be scary. But there are lots of ways you can recover lost data.

1.Don’t Delete the App!

MyShiftPlanner has a built-in contingency which backs up your calendar every time the app is updated or changed. These backups are held locally on your device. When you contact us via the Help option in the app, you can send us the data files including these backups, which we can restore for you.

BUT, if you delete the app, your device will delete these backups too. So, please, don’t delete the app unless our support team specifically tell you to.

2. Make sure the shifts are really lost

Check that you are looking at the correct calendar. It may sound simple, but check that you aren’t looking at a new, blank calendar. Tap Calendars at the bottom of the screen to check to see if your shift calendar is still there.

3. Try to Restore from your online account

If you have a free MyShiftPlanner account, and are logged in, your app will be backing up your data to the cloud. You can restore from your backups by doing the following:-

  • Tap on the Menu Icon in the top left
  • Tap User Profile
  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Tap on the Data/Security tab in the top right
  • Tap Restore a Backup
  • Choose a date from the drop-down box and restore the backup

You can choose any of the date to restore. See more about backup and restore HERE>

5. Get in Touch

If all else fails, get in contact with our support team via the Help option in the app. We will do our best to help you and try and restore your shifts.