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Creating Workforce Teams

Teams are used to segment your workforce. If you run rotating shift patterns, it’s normal to use up to 5 or 6 teams.

You can manage your teams, and create new ones, in the More tab

  • Navigate to the More tab
  • Click Manage Teams
  • Click + to create a new team
  • Name the team eg. Red/Blue etc.
  • Click on + to add the members of your workforce to this team

Once you’ve created your teams, you can choose to view your workforce by team in the scheduler. <LINK Using Teams in the Scheduler>

NOTE: Your workforce can be entered into more than one team and will show in the scheduler against each team.

Account Setup

Configure your account & comapny setup

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Setup your Team

Build your team & link to myshiftplanner

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Build your team schedule

Schedule your team with easy shift templates

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Shift Swapping

Introduction to Shift Swapping

How to manage team shift swaps

Reporting Features

Work Time Reporting features

Configure your reporting facilities


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