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Using the MyShiftPlanner Mobile App

The beauty of MyShiftManager is that it links directly to the existing MyShiftPlanner app. With over 400,000 users all over the world, MyShiftPlanner is the #1 Shift Work app on the store.

Your workforce can download the app for free. By linking to their account, you can publish rotas and communicate changes directly to the app.

Linking to the MyShiftPlanner app is done through individual team accounts.

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Linking to the MyShiftPlanner Mobile App

Link to the app so your team can quickly see their shifts

Connect through the Team Member Profile

Setup your Team

Build your team & link to myshiftplanner

Link your team to the #shiftwork app

Build your team schedule

Schedule your team with easy shift templates

Building shift rotas and creating a pattern

Shift Swapping

Introduction to Shift Swapping

How to manage team shift swaps

Reporting Features

Work Time Reporting features

Configure your reporting facilities


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