One thing shift workers tell us is that they feel isolated. It’s not easy to plan time with family or friends when you work non-standard hours.

That’s why we created MyShiftPlanner to help shift workers keep track of their working hours and keep their family and friends informed of when they are working.

But MyShiftPlanner isn’t just used by shift workers. We also have lots of family members who’ve downloaded the app to help them keep track of where their loved ones will be.

With more people are working shifts and hybrid rotas in one way or another. It’s more important than ever that we are able to keep our loved ones informed of when we are working so that we can make the most of time off and time together.

Here’s 5 ways you can keep your family informed of your work days and shift rota.

1. Share Calendars

MyShiftPlanner allows you to share a calendar with other shift workers. If your partner, loved ones or friends are also shift workers, you can share your shift schedules with each other to see when you are working. Check out our blog post for more information on how to do this.

2. Set up Multiple Calendars

With the MyShiftPlanner Pro-Pack, you can then set up multiple calendars and see them overlaid next to each other. This can be very helpful for seeing when you have time off together.

3. Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync in MyShiftPlanner allows you to copy your shift rota to any calendar connected to your device. Such as a shared family calendar, like a Google Calendar or iCloud calendar.

4. Print Your Rota

Sharing options include the option to save your rota as an image for the month or year. Then email or text it, or print it off.

5. Share a Log-In

Your MyShiftPlanner account allows you to sync your account across multiple devices. That means that anyone who logs in with your shift account details can see your shift rota.

This means that you can share a log-in with a loved one, and they can see when you’re working and even add notes.

BUT. Be warned. They can also change your rota, or even delete it. So make sure you always have backups running.

To find out more about backing up your data – see HERE