We want to help more shift workers in 2022. You can help us do this with the 3 Rs – Recommend, Rate, and Review.

The value of MyShiftPlanner

Every day our users tell us how helpful MyShiftPlanner is for them. For example, this recent Canadian review …

“This app has proven very helpful in keeping my life organized as it relates to my various shifts at different sites. It is a great visual reminder of what I have scheduled, what time I have available to schedule and, of course, when I can expect to have time off. It is an excellent resource.”

New Scotland – Canada

Or this from a loyal (hilariously named) Australian user …

Tried a few shift apps but this is the best and easiest to use. Family and friends can log on and see when you are working ?????

Dude-aholic – Australia

We get many many more every day, telling us that MyShiftPlanner is useful and makes a difference to shift worker’s lives.

We’re very proud of this … but we also know we can do more. That’s why we constantly update the app to add even more features.

For instance, we recently added Pay Rate Calculation which allows users to track their pay for all the different hours they work.

As well as a new Android Widget, and multiple leave types.

Listening to our users

We listen to all our users. We try to add features they ask for, that will help them. In fact, every addition we’ve ever made to MyShiftPlanner has been down to a user telling us what would make it better for them.

You can see our full roadmap of development and the updates we are working on right now – Click HERE>

But we need our users help too. You can help your fellow shift workers, by recommending, rating and reviewing MyShiftPlanner.

1. Recommend

It was through work-of-mouth that MyShiftPlanner first grew.

MyShiftPlanner was created 7 years ago. It was built for a shift worker, who was working 4on-4off at Manchester Airport, and coudn’t plan ahead with his family. In the first three months, MyShiftPlanner’s growth was spectacular. Mainly because, our first users told their colleagues about it.

Today we use lots of different marketing tools. But we still rely on shift workers telling other shift workers about the app. We’re constantly told by users that: “everyone at work is using the app, so I thought I’d try it too!”

By telling your colleagues about MyShiftPlanner you can help them to take better control of their shift work calendar.

To recommend the app. Tap on the Menu Icon>Help & Social>Recommend MyShiftPlanner

2. Rate

Most people downloading an app check the ratings before they do it. We’re all less likely to download an app with a 2 star rating, than one with 4 or 5 star ratings.

Both Google and Apple use ratings to “rank” apps. If an app has lots of poor ratings, it’s less easy to find on the app stores.

This means that rating MyShiftPlanner can help it get found by other shift workers. And helps them to see whether the app is going to be userful for them or not.

However, the rating method of both Apple and Google isn’t straight forward. It is balanced to highlight the negative ratings. One negative rating of 2 stars or less, is worth 10 ratings of 5 stars. Meaning that we need lots more positive than negative ratings to balance them out.

Luckily, we generally get high ratings for MyShiftPlanner. So rating us, helps us to help more shift workers.

3. Review

Reviews are our lifeblood. We have so many amazing reviews of the app. We read them each day to remind ourselves why we do this!

We can see just how much people value the ability to plan ahead and how difficult that is when you’re working shifts. The feedback and reviews from our users helps us to see where we need to improve the app, and what new features our users need.

But reviews don’t just help us to understand our users. They also help other shift workers understand and see just how helpful MyShiftPlanner can be for them too.

By reviewing the app, and letting other shift workers know how much it’s helped you, you can help them too.

Every review is important to us, even if you want to tell us where to improve, so please do drop us a review of the app. We can’t tell you how grateful we are for them all.