The 4th May is International Firefighters’ Day. Many of our My Shift Planner users work in fire services throughout the world. On the 4th May, we dedicate our thoughts and thanks to them.

Firefighters – Dedicated to the Protection of Life

Firefighters throughout the world dedicate their lives to protecting the lives of others.

This dedication means countless hours of selfless service. Firefighter’s work in hostile and dangerous environments. And working too with the ever present risk of loss of life.

By remembering International Firefighters’ Day on the 4th May, we can recognise and give thanks for the sacrifices that firefighters make every day. It’s a day when we can give thanks for all he work they do to ensure that communities and peoples are kept as safe as possible.

International firefighter’s day is also a time when we can remember those who’ve given their lives in service.

The thanks of all of us goes to them.

Resources for Firefighters

We’ve searched the web to find some useful resources, training regimes and health tips that firefighters use everyday. For those of us who don’t work in the fire services, there’s plenty for us to learn about being fit and healthy. Lots of shift workers suffer from health problems, due to all the issues related to working unsociable hours.

Firefighters have to be in the best physical and mental condition every day on their shifts to do their job.

Here’s two simple tips we can all learn from firefighters.

Keeping Fit

When it comes to physical fitness, firefighters lead the way. Working with heavy equipment in the most hostile of environments means that staying in the peak of fitness is vital.

The has lots of information about becoming a firefighter in the UK, including recruitment requirements. There are plenty of them!

We might not have to be as fit as firefighters, but there are some fantastic exercise regimes that we can all follow –

We think these are great, even if you’re not a firefighter.

Eating Well

Around the web there are plenty of useful tips and hints on healthy eating.

If you’re active for short periods and then inactive for long periods on shift, it’s vital not to eat the wrong foods. That means no grazing on unhealthy snacks – something many shift workers know about all too well!

This post – – has some very sound advice on diets for those working in the emergency services, and the rest of us as well.

Also check out:

Both have some excellent tips and some great links for recipes too.

Support your local Firefighters on International Firefighters’ Day

The one thing all firefighters need is support from members of the public. Here are some great charities around the world that support firefighters and the amazing work they do.

In the UK check out –

In the US supports the families of firefighters who have died in service.

Down under, Australia

And in New Zealand the New Zealand Firefighters Charitable Trust do excellent work and always welcome support.

Here’s to all firefighters – we salute you!