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Android App Crashing


In March 2021, a faulty update to Google's Android System WebView caused some crashing issues for a number of apps, including MyShiftPlanner. Google asked all Android users to update their [...]

Android App Crashing2021-03-31T10:50:42+00:00

Remove Synced Shifts from Your Device Calendar


Switching off Calendar Sync should remove shifts that have been copied MyShiftPlanner to your device calendar. -Tap on the Calendar Icon -Tap on "Calendar Settings" -Tap on the "Sync/Sharing" [...]

Remove Synced Shifts from Your Device Calendar2020-12-01T17:18:39+00:00

How do I Delete a Shift from my Calendar?


To remove a shift from your calendar. -Tap on the + button at the top of the screen -To completely remove the shift, tap "NoShift" (Off) and tap on [...]

How do I Delete a Shift from my Calendar?2019-12-19T13:19:23+00:00

Add a 2nd Shift to a Day


To add a second shift to a day:- -Tap on the + button -Tap on the shift you want to add to the calendar -Tap on the Day The [...]

Add a 2nd Shift to a Day2019-12-05T13:57:13+00:00

Got a problem? Try a Reboot


Turning your phone off and on again may seem like a simple cure, but it very often works. Phones do need regular rebooting, to clear out memory and close down apps that cause clashes and other issues. If you've encountered a problem with any aspect of the My Shift Planner app, our first advice is to reboot the phone and load the app again. Then, if the problems, persists, you can investigate further in these FAQs or contact our support team. For more information about why reboots are the first option, have a look at our Blog

Got a problem? Try a Reboot2019-08-21T12:39:55+00:00

Low Phone Storage Warning


The My Shift Planner app requires a certain amount of storage capacity in your phone to work properly. If you get below 100MB of storage space on your phone, [...]

Low Phone Storage Warning2019-08-21T08:57:43+00:00

Set the first day of the week


You can change your calendar to start on any day of the week. -Tap on the Calendar Icon in the top right to bring up the Calendar Options [...]

Set the first day of the week2019-08-21T09:04:08+00:00

Add More Calendars


You can set up more than one calendar in My Shift Planner. -Tap on the Calendar Icon -tap on Other Calendars -Alternatively, Swipe up on the Screen to bring [...]

Add More Calendars2021-03-18T09:22:28+00:00

Lock and Unlock the Calendar


You can lock and unlock your My Shift Planner calendar to stop accident changes to your shift pattern. -Tap on the calendar icon in the top right of [...]

Lock and Unlock the Calendar2019-08-21T09:24:09+00:00
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