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Your Account

Your account is created when you sign up to MyShiftPlanner Manager.

Your account includes your email, and basic details about your company.

You can view your account More Tab.

  • Navigate to the More on the left of the screen
  • Click on Account

Here, you can view your details, edit your log-in username, password and Company Details.

You can also delete your account.

Click to view Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Getting Started

Setting up your account, team and shift schedules

Let’s get started with myshiftmanager

Using myshiftmanager

Using myshiftmanager for your workforce scheduling

Keeping on track day-to-day

Manage Your Workforce

Manage your workforce and create shift rota teams

Keep track of your workforce scheduling

Manage Shift Schedules

Create shifts and up shift schedules for your workforce

Schedule shift rotas for your workforce

Using MyShiftPlanner

Using the myshiftplanner app for your workforce

Find out how to link the #1 shift work app

Setting Up Team Rotas

Setting up multiple shift rotas for for your teams

Create rotas for teams or quickly add shifts to full teams

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