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Manage your Workforce

With myshiftmanager, you can manage your workforce scheduling simply and quickly.

The Team Tab

The Team Tab gives you an immediate overview of the members of your workforce.

You can edit their details quickly and connect them to the myshiftplanner app.

You can also set their permissions so that they can log into Manager and see their work rota quickly and easily.

Managing Workforce Requirement

Many shift work is done in teams. With myshiftmanager, it’s easy to segment your workforce into teams. This is espeically important if you require 24hour coverage or run rotating shift patterns, such as 4On/4Off etc.

Teams are created and managed in the More tab

Scheduling Shifts for your Teams

The Scheduler allows you to add shifts to individual team members, or to entire teams. You can add Annual Leave, or monitor sick and off days.

Quickly monitor KPIs

See your teams immediate whereabouts in the Dashboard and check those all important KPIs.

Let’s get started by setting up your workforce in the Team Tab. Click on the options below to carry on

Adding your Workforce

Build your workforce & link to myshiftplanner

Link your team to the #shiftwork app

Creating Workforce Teams

Create Teams and Segment your Workforce

Manage your shift rota needs

Removing Employees from your Workforce

Remove employees

Unlink your team from the system

Manage Shift Schedules

Create shifts and up shift schedules for your workforce

Schedule shift rotas for your workforce

Setting up Shift Schedules

Create rotas for your workforce and manage your team

Set up shift work schedules

Using MyShiftPlanner

Using the myshiftplanner app for your workforce

Link the #1 shift work app

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