Manage Schedules

Manage Shift Schedules

Quickly set up shift rosters for your workforce using the in-built scheduler.

Create Shift Types

You can edit the pre-loaded shift types, such as Day/Night/Early/Late etc. There are optioons to edit the working times, to add paid and un-paid breaks, change the name, role requirements or colours of the shift types.

Of you can create your own shifts, leave and off type to customise the scheduler for your team.

Schedule Your Workforce

You can add shifts to the scheduler for each of your workforce. Or add shifts for an entire team. As well as creating rotating shift patterns using the “Repeat” options.

Publish Rotas to your Workforce

Once published, your workforce can view thier shifts in their own myshiftplanner app. Or by logging into the myshiftmanager portal, with limited permissions. Your workforce members will also receive updates of changes via the app and via email. So that they never miss a shift.

Before You Start

Before you can schedule any shifts, you need to set up your workforce, and the shift types they work.

Then you’re ready to add shifts to the scheduler.

Click on one of the options below to find out more.

Creating Shift Types

Create the shift types your team will work

Edit shift types or create your own

Adding your Workforce

Build your workforce & link to myshiftplanner

Link your team to the #shiftwork app

Setting up Shift Schedules

Create rotas for your workforce and manage your team

Time to add shifts

Setting Up Team Rotas

Setting up multiple shift rotas for for your teams

Quick options for teams

Assigning Shifts

Assign, Unassign and Reassign shifts

Quickly manage your workforce

Publish Shift Rotas

How to publish your rotas to your workforce team

Update your Team

Creating Workforce Teams

Create Teams and Segment your Workforce

Manage your shift rotas

Teams in the Scheduler

Switch between views to quickly see your teams

See the different options for teams.

Open Shifts

Add shifts before assigning them to the workforce

See the options for adding shifts

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