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Adding Your Workforce

Before you use Manager, you will need to add your workforce to the Team Tab.

  • Navigate to the Team tab
  • Use the option “+Add Person” in the top right to add members to your team

Team Member Details

Here you can edit all the information about members of your workforce. As well as creating a log-in for them to access their shifts via the MyShiftPlanner app and via MyShiftManager. With limited permissions.

The following fields must be completed:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Employee Number
  • Work Email – This is the email they will use to log into their MyShiftPlanner account to see their work Rota

Link to MyShiftPlanner App

Turn on the option to “Create a MyShiftPlanner Account”.

This creates a log-in for your team member. So that you can publish their shift rota to their app.

Linking to an Existing MyShiftPlanner account

If your workforce member already has a MyShiftPlanner log-in, turn off the option to “Create a MyShiftPlanner Account”.

Then enter their account username/email in the box.

Set Permissions

Set Permissions configures what the worker can see logging into myshiftmanager. They can use their email and password to access a version of myshiftmanager. To see their rota.

Once you’ve happy, click SAVE to save this member of your workforce.

They will now appear in the Team Tab and Scheduler, so that you can schedule shifts for them.

Manage Shift Schedules

Create shifts and up shift schedules for your workforce

Schedule shift rotas for your workforce

Creating Workforce Teams

Create Teams and Segment your Workforce

Manage your shift rota needs

Setting up Shift Schedules

Create rotas for your workforce and manage your team

Set up shift work schedules

Manage Your Workforce

Manage your workforce and create shift rota teams

Keep track of your workforce scheduling

Segmenting Your Workforce

Why Segment your workforce into teams?

Find out why you should use teams with your workforce

Removing Employees

Remove employees from the system and unlink MyShiftPlanner

disconnect them from the app

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